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Midnight Beach - Contracting

Midnight Beach can do whole projects - either from start to finish, or after the project has run into some difficulty. For tricky and/or relatively small projects, you may prefer to have me do all the work. For larger projects, I can work as a member of an existing team - or I can assemble a team to solve your problems.

Contract work like this is performed at Midnight Beach, not at your site. Midnight Beach has a long history of delivering high-quality, on-time work to customers who I rarely (or never) meet. I attend meetings in person or over the phone, but am much more productive in my office than in a spare cubicle. I understand your concerns about telework, and provide regular status reports with as much or as little detail as you want.

Created on October 15, 1995, last updated November 4, 2005 • Contact jon@midnightbeach.com